Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ten Things You Didn't Like About School

1. Clicks
2. Homework
3. Studying
4. Choir performances in front of the student body
5. Most of the other girls-I had all guy friends mostly
6. Deciding what to wear every morning!
7. Getting up!!
8. Having to ride the bus
9. My History and Math class
10.My locker- I could never remember the combination! :)

I always struggled in school, in more ways than one. I barely graduated high school, and the kids were just not nice. I switched schools a couple of times in junior high, so that left me as sort of an odd one out for a while. Then in high school, I was focused more on boys and one serious boyfriend until my senior year. That, once again, left me as kind of the odd one because I wouldn't socialize too much with the rest of my class (He was in the class ahead of me). I kind of shunned people away because I was just too busy with him to have any friends. I really regret that to this day, and I wish people from my class could've known me better. I wish I would've let them know me. But the past is the past, and it made me who I am. Boy, this weeks Ten on Tuesday sure brings back memories ;)

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EilaTalks said...

I agree on the Math class answer...Every school year I'd wish there'd be no more Math classes, but there always was...lol!