Monday, August 25, 2008

1. What are you up to today? Be specific. We’ve talked about your morning routine before, now walk us through a typical Monday for you after breakfast is over. How do you feel about Mondays? A fresh start to your week? Or do you dread the drudge of getting back to the same old routine?

Well, it's not as busy this Monday as it will be on a "typical" Monday from now on. I got Gabriel off to his first day of school, which is the big thing for today. He said he wanted brownies for a snack, so I will be making those here in a little bit (I let him pick out food choices for today). Then, I will head to the bus stop a little after 11:00 to get Gabriel (It's only a half day today). Then, it will be lunch time, play time for the kids, rest time soon after, karate, dinner and bed time! When he starts a full day it will much busier and I will be feeling the crunch! Especially on MWF. I believe this Monday is a fresh start because this is the beginning of the rest of the school year! It's very exciting! Now, when I start school, I might have a different attitude, but hopefully not! :)

2. Earworms - we all get them from time-to-time. What tune do you have stuck in your head at the moment? How important is music to your life? List some of your favorite songs - and I’m talking about songs that evoke a strong emotion in you; joy, anger, sadness, etc. Do you have one particular song that brings back a certain time period in your life? What is the song and what is the time period?

I have a Brandon Heath song in my head. The name of it is "Steady now". This is going on the second week. It doesn't help that Ariana goes around singing it! The only song I can think of is the song that Rob and I call "our song". It's by East 17 (they are a European group) and it's called "stay another day". I get the flutters in my chest when I think of or when I hear that song. It played on the radio in Germany when we had our smooch!!

3. Who have you needed to say thank you to lately? Who is this person and what did he/she do to prompt a thank you?

I need to thank my children for all of their love and affection! I never really say that to them! They need to hear it too, because they are extra sweet! :)

4. How many candles will be on your birthday cake this next birthday? What do you think about the age you are now? Are you comfortable with what you’ve accomplished in life so far? Or do you wish you could have achieved more? You’re being granted one birthday wish - what is it?

On my next birthday, there will be candles on my cake but probably not too many! Rob might put 11 candles on there. Can you quess how old I will be? Also, I am proud of what I've done in my life. I'm not done with my accomplishments though, there is so much more to come! I will be proud of myself if I get through the next phase starting in February, and I'm going to need all the guidance I can get! :) I love my life, and I wouldn't change it for the world! I am not just saying that either, I truly love my life! I am very blessed to have the husband and children I have, and equally blessed for the love and support I receive.

As far as a birthday wish, if I told you, it wouldn't come true now would it? :)

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