Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back to blogging!

Hello! It has been soooo long, too long, since my last post. My husband has asked me quite often, "When are you going to update your blog?" My answer is continuously the same, "I'm going to get around to it soon." So, on this lovely morning in May I finally made the commitment to do a post. Yay!! I am so proud of myself, it's a big step on my part.

Since so much has happened between "then" and now, I figured I would show a bit of each happening, so here goes! To all of you who are new visitors or friends who are first time visitors, welcome and enjoy!! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

This was on Valentines Day, can't you tell?! The kids each recieved a stuffed animal and a "bouquet" of lollypops. I figured , not so much candy this year. It was hit! It will also be a very memorable Valentine's Day because Rob and I went out that evening for a wonderful dinner and drinks afterwards. It was awesome! We don't get out much, but to go out on Valentine's Day? It was great. I think it was a first for both of us. Thank you honey, for the wonderful evening and simply...everything.

The kids moved up one more belt in karate! This testing was toward the end of April. Gabriel is now a camo decided belt, and the girls are yellow belts. As you can see, they love to strike a pose in their uniforms! They are too cute!

Here they are dying eggs at Easter! They loved this, but what kid doesn't, right? They painted them, dyed them and stuck stickers on them. We will definitely get the same egg kit for next year!

Here we are on Easter morning, just returning from church. As you can see, I had to take my suede coat off for the picture, but it was freezing! I was literally clinching my teeth going, "is that it? Are we done?" I threw that baby back on and ran inside when we were done. The sun was the problem for the kids, as you can see them squinching their little eyes! It was a lovely easter, great family time spent, and Grandma was there to enjoy it with us! We are truly blessed!

Our little boy turned 7 on May 8th. On that day (it was a Friday), I took homemade cupcakes to his school for him to share with his class. He got to blow out a single candle on his cupcake. He had so much fun and was so glad to share that day with like that. Here are a couple of pictures.

Him and I in his classroom. Isn't he just so handsome!?

Here he is with his class, and he is so proud! He is such a ham too!

Rob's parents were in town for the weekend of Gabriel's Birthday, so we all went to chuck e cheese (his choice) on Saturday. Here he is with his reciept for all of the tickets he won.

After chuck e cheese, we came home and had his party. It was simple, just us and presents , cake and LOTS of money that he recieved from family. Thank you family!!

He got a lava lamp! Rob and I got this for him, he wanted one so badly! He didn't think he was going to get one until Christmas. Aren't surprises wonderful?

Here he is opening up a card with his sisters watching close behind.

Blowing out the candles on his cake. I wonder if he made a wish?

So here we are to Mother's day. Bare with me, I promise we are getting close to the end. It was wonderful. Rob had to work that day, but I got to spend part of the morning with my in-laws before they headed back to Illinois. It was great to spend that time. We exchanged hugs and cards, and then they left. I got to just hang out with my kids for the rest of the morning, and that was nice. We did nothing! When Rob came home, I went upstairs and took a nap :) and then he started making dinner in the crockpot soon after. Ahhh, it was a great day! He took the kids outside after dinner and played badmitten (spelling?) and stayed in and relaxed on the couch. A very nice Mother's Day!

Here is a picture I took of the kids just yesterday, a very rare sight...they were napping!! We had a full busy 2 hours at the park on a playdate with some preschool friends. They had a blast and it was great to see them have fun with their friends that they will soon be leaving. They are precious and I haven't seen them sleep together like this in probably 3 years. Our little angels.

So, here we are back to today. I took this picture just this morning. Our house is on the market now and has been for a little over a week. No calls yet, no showings, but we are keeping the faith and hoping someone will come soon. We still have a couple of things to work on, but smooth sailing so far. And much has been done.

Here is a picture of our living room. I have taken down a few things, mostly personal photos and I try to keep this room picked up all the time. The other part of the room is not in the picture.

This our finished dining room. It had wallpaper that was peeling off, and that just ruined the entire room. Now it's painted , I hung some pictures and candles (not in the picture) and we are quite proud of it. I actually want to eat in there now!

Well, that's it for the updates..for now! Keep checking back, and I promise I will not go that long again! Well, not for a long time at least! ;)