Thursday, June 18, 2009

The kids last day of school and Ella's Graduation

Ella's last day of school! Here is the card that Rob and I gave her at Applebees after graduation. It was so bittersweet, we loved the teacher as well as the pre-school program itself. Ella spent 3 years there, repeating the 4 year old program because of her birthdate. Now, she's ready for kindergarten, and I mean ready!! She is already writing and even reading! She is beginning to recognize so many letters. We are so proud of her. She is ONE of our little princesses! Enjoy the pictures of Ella's graduation!Ariana and Ella with Mrs. Fairley after the graduation.

Ella on the far right with all of the girls of the class! These were her best friends, and a couple of them she's known for 3 years now! She will miss them so much!

Ella recieving her diploma. She was so proud!

On stage being introduced.

Putting on a show!

Singing and dancing!!

Ella being introduced. Mrs. Fairley introduced Ella as "Joy". She gave one word to each child to describe them in the classroom. That word fits her perfectly!

These two pictures were taken at Applebees also. She loved the attention, although her little sister was with us also. She knew it was her special day though! Oh, our little Ella!

Ariana's last day of school! They had a playdate at the park with all of the classmates. They had a blast! After the park we headed back to the classroom to say good bye to the teachers and they gave goody bags to all of the students. Ariana was in the 3 year old class and just loved every minute of it. She still asks when she's going to school. She says, " Mommy when am I going to go to stool." (school) I tell her it's over and that she will be going to a new school. That makes her a bit sad, but I reassure she will make new friends and have a new, wonderful school! Here are some pics of her last day!

Mrs. Fairley giving Ariana a good bye kiss, along with her goody bag. She is such a great teacher and we will truely miss her :( Ariana loved her class!
Mrs. Fairley and others provided so much food, it was like a feast of snacks! Here are Ariana and Ella munching and feeling the heat! Boy was it hot outside.
Ella striking a pose, of course! :)
Ariana getting some assistance rock climbing!
At the school picnic the last day school. There's Gabriel and Sam talking to Mrs. Mineard. She is wearing the pink sweater. He loved having her as a teacher!

With his friend Tabitha at the end of school. He is such a goof ball!

Gabriel going into school on his last day. :( I walked him into his class but I had to get a picture of him right outside the school. It was so bittersweet, more for me than him.

Another shot of Gabriel right outside the school. The bag he's holding is a gift for his teacher. He gave her a mini teacher plaque and a willow tree angel. The willow tree angel was holding a gift, symbolizing his teachers gift of teaching. He also made a card for her and we gave her one as well. It's the least I could do for her. She was wonderful with Gabriel, and the entire class as well. What more could you ask for!