Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gabriel's new lunch bag

I bought a lunch bag online today for Gabriel. I have been looking , and it seems they are all either too tiny or have some kind of character on them. Well, Gabriel is not really into any characters at the moment, so I decided to just order one from L.L. Bean. I wanted to go with one that was sturdy and more affordable than the other ones. What's nice is, without the shipping cost, it is only a few more bucks than the tiny ones you can get at most stores. I figure Gabriel needs one that is going to last and hold up to his roughness (he's definitely not as gentle as the girls with his belongings). I really love the quality of their products, and plan to buy them for the girls when they start school (and maybe get their backpacks from there as well). Any way, here is a picture of the one I ordered. He chose this print out of all the colors. I hope he still likes it when he sees it! You never know with kids!

This bag has got a lot of room inside and the reviews sound great! It's supposed to be bigger than it looks and easy to clean. And with Gabriel, darker colors are always good! :)

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Dawn said...

Ooooo, I like the black plaid! We ordered Ali's from there too, as you probably know, and when it came she absolutely loved it. I was a little worried about the print she picked, but so glad that she was still happy with it. Plus, I love the size. I don't know about Gabriel's lunch box, since we picked different styles, but I am quite happy with the one we got. I hope you all will be too. :-)