Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun, fun, fun times!!

After the tree guys were done on Wednesday, it started to rain! It was so magical, it started right as they were loading logs. It was magical I'm sure from the kids point of view, because while daddy was standing out getting soaked (which was funny I might add), he invited the kids to join him! Ariana and Gabriel were ecstatic, but Ella refused because she said, " I don't want to get my hair wet mommy!" She was so serious about it too! So I took some pics, of course, and thought I'd post the moment! I love that I can share these moments with my friends and family and hope so much that you all are viewing my blog and enjoying it. I do this all for you!! Enjoy the pics, and more are coming soon!

I know you can't tell much, but it was raining cats and dogs!! I'm talking an all-out down pour!! They loved it, and it was muggy out:)

Here is Rob, already soaked, getting even more soaked when Gabriel threw a bucket of water on him! Rob was just hit with it! Check out the look on both of their faces! I love that I captured that moment!

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EilaTalks said...

Hi! I can tell the kids had a lot of fun in the rain....the pictures brings me back to my childhood days as well...Happy Weekend :)