Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello everyone! This the 160th edition of Thursday Thirteen!

So this week I chose to share 13 things I have bought this week. Between school clothes, supplies, and a few things in between, this one was an easy one for me. Enjoy!

1. Tennis shoes for Gabriel-He is a size two! Can you believe it?

2. School shoes for Ella-We got these in black. She is a size 12.

3. Black shoes for Ariana-These will be worn with sooo much! And even better, all of these shoes were on sale! The guy told at Kohls told us they are marking down more shoes on Sep. 4th.

4. A pair of shoes for myself :) - I hardly ever buy shoes, but when I saw these on the sale rack, I couldn't pass them up! They were too cute and too cheap!! I paid a whopping 5.49 for them! Even better, I can wear them as the weather starts to get cooler! Yay!

5. Rob also let me buy a tank top for myself, that I will layer with shirts this fall. I couldn't resist the color-it reminded me of fall! Here is a picture! And once again, on sale!

6. A pair of tennis shoes for Rob-and boy did he need them! They are an essential for his work, and his were literally falling apart! He waited too long because he doesn't buy things for himself unless he absolutely has too! What a sweet husband, he puts us first!

7. Jean bermuda shorts for ariana

8. 2 pairs of uniform shorts for Gabriel-navy blue and khaki

9. Two sparkly tees for Ariana- One colared shirt as well (below)

10. An outfit for Ariana's first day of school-we let her pick it out. She didn't want a dress like mommy wanted for her. She opted for a preppy uniform type plaid skirt with a cute layered tee to go with it! Now I just need to get her some knee high socks and she'll be set! :) Her skirt looks very similar to this:

11. 2 packs of 8 chubby crayons for the girls-that was the extent of their school supply list! Easy enough!

12. School supplies for Gabriel- There were about a dozen things, not including tissues! It could've been worse, right? I'm so excited for him though, and most of the stuff was pretty cheap! Having three kids in school gets expensive!

13. This shirt in purple for Ella! - we're buying more for her next week, next pay day!


YummY! said...

Shoe sales rock.

Dawn said...

Can I just say that I love Ariana's new skirt? Too cute!