Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen~ 13 things on my "list" for the next few days; just thought I'd share!

1. Get out fall clothes for the girls to put away in drawers and hang up
2. Get clothes together for my mom and send package (sorry mom)!

3. Go grocery shopping

4. Go to class on Sunday~Protecting God's Children
5. Vacuum out my car~ Ugh!
6. Order mums from school

7. Get a part-time job!
8. Take some stuff to goodwill
9. Start putting up some of my fall decorations

10. Clean the house~ This actually comes before the decorating
11. Spend some quality time with the kids

12. Water the bank thoroughly with the hose (it's very dry here)
13. And finally~ have a good time doing it all! :)


mrsbear said...

Definitely all do-able. Good luck and happy Thursday.

Jenn said...

Start putting up some of my fall decorations !
I love the fall.

verabear said...

Number 13 is the best, isn't it? :) Happy TT!

Brenda ND said...

Sounds like you're busy. Happy TT!

Dawn said...

I love #13!! :-)

Sarah said...

Good to have a plan! I went grocery shopping last night~ kid free! It was kind of nice. I love spending time with my kiddos, but some tasks are easier (and quicker) if they are busy with Dad.

I love fall, and I wish I had decorations to put up!

Happy TT! Mine is up here and I would love a visit!