Friday, September 5, 2008

1. Do you live for the start of college football? professional football? Does anyone in your house? Do you know anyone who does?
I do not personally live for football, but I do cheer on the Pittsburgh Steelers when they are on T.V. I will actually be watching the game on Sunday, and I'm kind of excited :) The black and gold has rubbed off on me after living here for 8 years! About time I quess :)
Rob , however, loves football! I used to just dread it, knowing he'd be stuck to the T.V. I would even give him a really hard time and give him quilt trips about "not spending time with the family". Well, I try, try I said, not to do that as much anymore, and I've become more accepting of it. I love it when he says," Jen, if you'd just watch football you might grow to like it." It's hilarious and I just laugh when he says it. I'm like,"no honey, not gonna happen." You can't change a person, right?

2. Did you go to college? If so, what was your mascot? Was/Is that your favorite team? If not, what was/is your favorite college team?

I did not go to college, but we usually cheer for the Southern Illinois Salukis and Penn State (my husband went to SIU and Penn State as well).
I don't really care who it is "we" cheer for though, because I don't watch!

3. Have you ever embarrassed yourself at a sporting event? Have you seen someone else embarrass themselves at a sporting event?

None of the above! :)

5. Do you have a sports hero? If so, what makes them special?

I admire and respect all of them, but I don't have one particular sports hero.

6. What's the most memorable sports moment you've watched on television? Watched live?

I watched as Jason Lezak beat the Frenchman at the Olympics in the relay that was lead by Micheal Phelps. They were both awesome, and the reaction that Phelps and another teammate had to the news was incredible! I was so glad Rob wanted to watch the Olympics, otherwise I wouldn't have seen it. Phelps was just incredible, and I also watched as he broke record after record this year. I was so proud of the U.S.! How amazing, what talent!

7. If you have kids or grandkids, do they play sports?

My son, Gabriel, does Karate and then plays indoor soccer in winter. Also, My girls are going to be doing gymnastics here soon.

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Greetings from EGYPT,
i loved ur blog so much
god bless ur three children
hope be a frinds
c u
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