Friday, September 5, 2008

A random moment!

I just wanted to post this picture because it represents little random, crazy moments that are continually happening in my house. If you look to the left of the picture, there I am walking through the kids playroom coming toward the room here in the picture. I figured out was going on after looking at the pic. It made me laugh. I am actually looking for some furniture polish that I had put down but did not have a clue where it was! :) Ever happened to you? Yeah, I thought so! I am also on the telephone, and at the same time I'm saying, "has anyone seen the orange spray?" I then turned around because my son had shouted, "I found it!" It was on top of the refrigerator :) Apparently while all of this is going on, Ariana had found our camera and taken this picture, very beautiful picture :) of our oldest daughter. I love that this captures a moment, and about a minute later, it was over. Ariana was delighted to show me the picture, but I had to fuss at her for getting the camera (it's a big no no). I had the house so clean, I thought I'd light my pumpkin scented candle on top of the armoire. Look, you can see it all lit up in the picture! Of course, my house is once again messy and cluttered, but atleast my furniture is cleaned with the "orange spray" right? :)

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Dawn said...

Isn't it funny how our lives are now filled with thousands of these random moments? Children add so much to our lives!