Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of school for my baby!

Well, I did it again. I sent another child to school this morning. It is Ariana's first day today, and have to say, it was harder to let her go than any of them. Now, I know it's just pre-school (three-year class to be exact), but she is my youngest, so it's going to be harder. And I've come to that conclusion. It's going to be harder to send her to kindergarten, harder to see her graduate, and even harder to send her to college. :( These are all happy things and happy times, I realize that. This morning I was more excited than her just about. I love when they start school! It is so bitter sweet though.

She went in the building fine, and even hung her book bag and talked to the teacher. However, as soon as she knew it was time to actually go in the classroom, she wanted to go back to the car. She was trying to run away, but Mrs. Fairley convinced her to come in by saying that mommy could sit behind her during song and praying time. So, I did just that. She didn't listen to any directions she was given, she simply sat there and watched while sucking her two little fingers (it's a habit she's had and probably won't be breaking any time soon). After I marched down the hall with them, I said my good-byes, and she just didn't want me to go. The other teacher had to pry her off of me, and I left the building hearing her cry for me. :( I was hoping it would be a smoother transition, but not on this day. But pre-school is just that. It's a transition, and it just takes some getting used to on all ends.

I truly believe that she will love it, and it will be better the next time I take her. She'll know more of what to expect.

In the meantime, I sit here wondering how she's doing, and can't believe that my "baby" is at pre-school and is not here with mommy. Tomorrow Ella has her first day and second year in the pre-k class. I'm so excited for her because I know how much she really wants to get back. She's going to be an "assistant" this year! How exciting!

So, here are some pictures of Ariana before we left. She was so happy to finally be going. She practically dragged me out of the door!

She was posing in this picture, but it came out with her looking shy!

She was so proud to be going to school! She picked out her My Little Pony book bag!


Dawn said...

Well, doesn't she just look adorable! I am sure that it will be harder with Meghan too. There is just something about letting our baby grow up. :-)

Patsy said...

I have to comment on your saying it will be harder to send her into life than the others. Yes it is. When our baby daughter (now 32) went off to college my husband and I went with her --- funny this was the first time Dad had made the trip to college to get the *room set up*. After we had gotten everything done, and I do mean everything Dad was still just hanging back. He made this 18 year old girl lock and unlock her dorm room several times just to be sure she could --- I finally had to kiss daughter on the cheek and pull a weepy-eyed Dad down the hall. Yep, it is harder with the youngest. :)