Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ella's first day of school!

So as I posted just the other day, all of my children are starting school! Wednesday was Ella's first day, and she was very excited to go. This is her 2nd year in the four-year old program, so this year she is to be the "assistant" to Mrs. Fairley, along with 2 other children from her class last year. She did, however, have a little bit of nervousness when it came time to actually go in the classroom. She was pushing herself against the wall, and didn't want to anyone to see her. I think she was nervous to meet a classroom of all new kids! One of the teacher did have to take her finally, but she ended up fine, as always!

I think the fact that I've been home with them for so long and they haven't had many babysitters makes a big difference. There are kids in her class that have both parents working full time, and although they've never been to pre-school, they have a baby-sitter or nanny. I've heard that does make a huge difference.

I love these kids so much and I can speak for Rob and I both when I say that we are sooooo proud of them! They have all come so far, and these little everyday situations (like not wanting to go into pre-school class) are going be far gone and seem so simple as they continue to get older. We're going to wish for these days back.

So with that being said, I'm going to go make the girls some lunch, and enjoy looking at the pictures!

Here is our big girl!
Here are some of the children coming out of school in their single file line. Can you spot Ella? And quess who that little girl is in the right hand corner waving to the kids? Ariana of course! They love to greet each other, it's so cute!

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Dawn said...

She is just precious! :-)