Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our big tree is almost gone!!

Well, we had some work done to our trees yesterday. It's been needing to be done, and we finally able to start. We have two problem trees that are bigger and one that was growing too close to a neighbors house that was smaller (it was a maple). So the plan was to cut one of the bigger ones down and cut down the smaller one as well. Well, most of one is cut, only the trunk is standing, and the smaller maple is gone :( I wish we could've kept that one, it was pretty. So, when the guy got to the second big tree, we found out that it is rotted through, so now most of that one needs to come down. We were only supposed to have it pruned, but now are going to have to fork over $300 to have it pruned still, but have the top cut off now as well (the rotted part). I know it needs to be done, and branches are falling not only into our yard, but into the neighbors as well. It's just more money I didn't want to have to spend on trees! :) You do what you gotta do though, right? It will give me a peace of mind as well.

I wanted to share a few pics of the "big tree" in it's stages of being cut down. And a few others as well:) Enjoy!

Here is the tree after a bit was taken off the bottom. For those of you who know me, this is the tree that is beside the deck, that was hanging over it.

Here is another pic of the same tree! That guy is actually hanging from a rope, like the kind you rock climb with! I wouldn't want that job, would you?

Here is the tree in it's last stage for now. It has only the trunk left, and the tree behind it is the one we're going to end up having to cut down as well. I still can't believe it's gone! Well, almost gone! They're coming back this week to finish both!

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Amy said...

I wish someone would come cut my neighbor's tree down. It has those helicopter things that drive me crazy!!

At least you're considerate neighbors.