Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our new oven!

So, I have some news that I'm just ecstatic about. First I should tell you that our oven has been acting quirky, and at one point last week it would not turn off. It's a gas stove, and pretty old as well, so we made the decision to buy a new one. Well, we shopped around for ovens yesterday at Sears, and found the perfect one for us. In our price range, has all the features we need, plus a few extra that will come in handy :) We have gone for almost a week now with no oven, and I cook a lot, so it's been a HUGE (emphasized) inconvenience. At the same time, it's been kind of nice having a break from cooking :)
I thought I'd share a picture of which one we decided on. See what you think!

This oven is self cleaning ( our old one isn't), has a continuous grate on top (love that feature, allows you to just slide a hot pan right on over) and the oven controls are all electronic! It's also got a drawer for storage, which I love! The one we have now is a broiler, and I just don't use it. There is also a simmer burner that functions on very little BTU's, and one that is a 14,000 BTU power burner that will boil water for me quicker. I'm very excited if you can't tell, and I want to say thank you very much to my dad who made this possible. Thanks!


Dawn said...

It looks nice! Now, get to cooking. :-)

Mom said...

Great Stove!! I know it will make the food taste better! I hope it doesn't burn things like the old one!!lol