Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eventful, tiring, and fun weekend!

Well, this weekend has been a very busy weekend! It started off on Friday, which was Ella's birthday. The kids didn't have school, so that made it extra special. We started the morning with Ella's choice of breakfast, which was cinnamon rolls. She got a blue candle (her favorite color) in one of her cinnamon rolls, and I lit it and we all sang Happy Birthday. Who says you have to wait for the birthday party?

Later in the morning, I asked Ella to open her mouth so I could check out her loose teeth. She had four loose teeth at the time. Well, the really loose tooth on the bottom of her mouth had turned black. I am assuming that it died, probably from the pull I gave it the day before. It didn't budge but it made a popping sound. It was ready to come out but it started bleeding so I stopped. I am a weak mommy! Any way, I went to her cousin Brittany and told her about the situation. I also told Rob and he agreed that it needed to come out. Well, I couldn't bring myself to pull at it anymore, so Brittany agreed to pull it out. She left the room with Ella, and they both came back with a huge grin. Ella looked at us and said, "My loose tooth is gone! I lost my first tooth!" Brittany had pulled it out with no pain felt by Ella! And it didn't bleed! I quess the pull I had given it the day before knocked it out just about. It took someone other than mommy to finish the job though!

So after a playful, eventful daytime on Friday with their cousin Landon (and little rest time), Maw Maw treated the kids to their favorite indoor play place called Extreme Sports. They had a ball, literally. Ella was very happy about her special day, and that's what counted most.

Saturday morning we were all bracing for a busy day. It started with an early wake up to get ready to go to the Apple Festival Parade in Murphysboro, Il. It is considered the biggest parade in Southern Illinois, and is a joy for both children and adults. We parked at Rob's cousin's house and were set to walk about a block. Well, we ended up needing to walk a little further that, about 8 blocks further I believe. It was a perfect day for it though. The sun was beating down at one point and it was already beginning to feel unbearable out. Then the clouds rolled in and allowed everyone to march and watch in comfort. It was great. Apples were handed to the kids, one at a time. Flags were passed out, tee shirts were thrown, as well as candy of course. It was simply great. It lasted almost 2 hours! It was sooo worth it though.

After the parade we headed for pizza hut for lunch. With full bellies and tired bodies, we headed home. One adult (myself) and two children slept on the drive home. What beautiful countryside we drove through! All of this is still new to me, you know, the corn fields and all. And the flat land. :)

With about an hour of rest after returning home, Rob, me and the kids got ready to head out again. This time, we were headed to a company picnic, brought to you by Rob's friend Jeff. Rob isn't with Jeff's company, but friends were invited as well. They rented out Rent One Park for the night, home of the Southern Illinois Miners minor leaque baseball team. About 150 people were there. There were toys and games for the kids in one area, and softball and kickball as well. The kids got to go out on the field for a game of kickball, and they didn't really know how to play but they had a blast! I think they were thrilled to just be out on the field. They were getting hot there, so God threw them a dose of rain. It rained pretty good for about 5 minutes and then stopped. Pretty soon after they were running through the stands to say they were done and ready to go home. :) It was a fun evening though, for both kids and adults. Rob and I got some time together and with other couples, just mingling and chatting. It was pretty nice, and a good end to a great day.

So we all got some rest Saturday night for Ella's party on Sunday. What a packed weekend, huh? Maw Maw cooked a great big breakfast for all of us. Their cousin Landon was over so the kids played while the adults enjoyed coffee and conversation. After we rounded up presents and decorations, we got the ball rolling for her party to start.

Ella picked a princess cake, so thanks to Wal-Mart, she had a beautiful cake with a light Cinderellla and two other princesses as well. Oh, what a great party she had! She dressed to the 9's and Brittany did her hair for her, just the way she wanted it; in pig tails! She looked absolutely beautiful! She is truly a girly girl! I will post pictures of all this later on this week.

After getting a quick preview of her cake, the present opening began! She got presents ranging from money, to headbands, a jewelery kit, and a make-your-own handbag kit. Rob and I plan to take her shopping with her birthday money next weekend. I would also like to put some aside into a savings account.

Her birthday was a blast for her though. She was pampered and spoiled, and it was truly her day. Well, her weekend! She enjoyed every bit of it and she was so enthusiastic about every present she opened. She is so sweet. She is our sweet little Ella, but not so little anymore. It is so sad to see them grow up, but so wonderful too. I still can't believe she is 6 years old already, with one less tooth.

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Dawn said...

I am so glad you all had a good weekend. Sounds like Ella's birthday was celebrated in style!

Just so you know, I miss you! I feel like I never talk to you anymore, and I am not like this much. :-( Let's try to talk more this week.