Monday, February 23, 2009

1. Does blogging make you fat? Do you find yourself sitting around and eating more since you started your blog? Or do you get so caught up in the whole blogging routine that you forget to eat?

I don't blog as much as I used to, and I try to limit my time on the computer so I DON'T get too lazy! :) It seems like nowadays as soon as I sit down, I get tired! I just want to go to sleep it relaxes me so much. I eat when the kids do usually so I don't think I have anything to worry about! ;)

2. The one topic I will not touch on my blog is anything that gets TOO personal. I try not to get too deep if you understand what I'm saying. Why? What sorts of topics do you receive the most comments on? What sorts of topics do you receive the least number of comments on? I would have to say that I receive the most comments on the memes. I don't think too many people come to my blog! ;)

3. Spring is coming. How is your wardrobe? What sorts of clothes do you usually wear in the spring? Where do you normally shop for your clothes? How successful are you in finding clothes for yourself?

I desperately need new clothes for spring, mainly tops and a pair of capris or something. I don't wear shorts. I might start wearing dresses this year as it gets to be summer. They are nice and cool! In the spring I usually wear short sleeve shirts and jeans are a staple. I love jeans!! Of course living in Pittsburgh, you usually have to wear a jacket with any outfit, since it's still pretty cool in the spring. Layering is a must! As far as where I shop, it used to GAP, but they closed all of them around here :( I love their sales! Now, I shop anywhere. Typically Kohls, but I like to browse all around when I do shop. And I always look for the deals!

4. We should treat every day as a special gift - we’re alive, right? What made this past week special for you? (And if you’ve already talked about that special something on your blog, then think of something else - something little perhaps, but had a big impact on you or your loved ones).

Being with my kids and not being angry with them. I was getting to the point with them where I was just angry at them for the way they would choose to behave. And also angry that they weren't listening to ANYTHING! Now, I am trying something new. I am training myself , as well as my kids, and I'm not getting angry. I am just doing something about it. There is no more yelling ( just an occasional raising my voice, but nothing major). There is a book that my friend Dawn recommended to me called, "Have a new kid by Friday". It is by Dr. Leman. She has told me some of the basics of it, and that's what I have been using in my house. It is working and I haven't even read it yet! I plan to buy it this week though. Here is a link to the website for the book. I hope I stick with it, and I have faith in myself that I will. My children are listening more and it's making our house more pleasant. It's amazing the impact it has when you change something little about yourself! I'm trying!

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