Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our snowstorm last weekend!

Working on the snowman!

Rob with the kids finishing up the snowman.

Our dog loving the snow!

Gabriel was closing his eyes because there was a sleet/rain mix coming down!

Getting their "snowballs" ready for the snowman!

Do you see the big ball of snow in front of him? Gabriel rolled that all by himself!

My little snow angel! Rain was getting in her eyes too!

This is a view from in front of our house. It looked like a winter wonderland!

Our blue spruce in front of the house!

See how much snow we got!

The kids had a great time in the 8 inches of snow we got! They built the first snowman of the year, and it was so much fun watching them! It's like one big sandbox to them! Just a bit colder :) Rob and I got in a snowball fight, and he had no mercy! He definetly beat me, and it lasted a while! I was drenched, and the kids helped him! It was so beautiful when it was coming down, and it still is. It's not going anywhere for a while!

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