Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas morning!

Gabriel's telescope/microscope
Ariana yawning while she's showing her doll. She did this all morning! She kept making herself yawn! Silly girl!

Nice and snuggly in her new robe and slippers!

Ariana's new coat!

Ariana admiring the new dollhouse! She's standing back from it, but it is actually taller than her and Ella both!

Gabriel with his walkie talkies

Ariana's new jewelery box. Ella got one just like it!

Ella loves dresses!

Very happy about their presents!

Dishes from Germany from Rob's Aunt Tilly.

daddy playing Santa ;)

Ella waiting in anticipation!

We had such a wonderful Christmas together, and we the kids were so excited about all the presents they received. They were so appreciative of everything little thing they got from us and all of our family. It was a very relaxing, lazy day after they opened. So relaxing that Rob and I got to snooze on the couch for a little bit. Then it was off to the kitchen to make our Christmas ham dinner! Ummm, was it good! The kids loved it too! They about 3 seperate helpings! I think all the playing worked up an appetite! ;) Thanks so much to our family for sending the kids presents and cards, it was so thoughtful. They love getting packages!
Sorry I posted this so late! I hope everyone has recovered from the holidays and that all of you continue to be well! You're in our thoughts!
Snow pictures will be coming soon!

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