Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gabriel lost his first tooth!

Gabriel lost his first tooth at school yesterday and brought it home in a little baggie! He was so excited! He feels like such a big kid now! When he went to bed, we put his tooth in his "Welcome Tooth Fairy Pillow" that he got from Maw Maw when he was just a baby! Then, we hung it by his bed, and he woke up to find money under his pillow. He was ecstatic!! I told him that with each tooth he looses, the tooth fairy will leave a little extra money. That got him REALLY excited, and he actually started to check for other loose teeth. I quess he's got something in mind that he wants to buy with that money :) He's so cute!
So, he now knows what it is like to loose a tooth, and no longer has anxiety about it. He thought it would bleed, and it didn't; he thought it would hurt, and it did not hurt. The many experiences of childhood. What a joy!

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