Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gabriel's special happenings!

Here is Gabriel at the bus stop the morning he left to go to Janoski's Farm. Kindergarten and first grade went there on a field trip on October 24th and they were gone the whole day. He loved it, and actually came back with straw in his pocket! It wasn't on purpose though, he just picked it up along the way! :) I even decked him out in a flannel shirt and told him, "you'll look really cool and you'll fit in perfectly." I didn't want to tell him he would look like a farmer 'cause he just wouldn't have gone for that ;)

Here he is with his gigantic trophee he got at the karate tournament last month. I tried to put these pics in order, but it just wasn't working! Sorry!

Here he is giving a high five to one of the karate instructors. Such a cool little dude he is!

Here is Gabriel with an instructor and another little boy that is at his same rank. They are about to take their turn.

Getting distracted by the camera. He is a total camera hog!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

The picture of Gabriel holding his trophy is photo frame worthy. It is priceless!! You can just feel the pride beaming off of him.

Tell him I said congratulations on the trophy and the lost tooth. :-)