Friday, October 31, 2008

Ariana's Birthday!

Here is our friend Deidre with Ariana on the way back from the airport. She's holding a little puppy that we bought for her at Claire's. It says princess on it! And she was a princess for Halloween! She actually carried it around at her Halloween party yesterday.

Here she is at the play area in the mall.

This a picture of her and daddy right after they sang her Happy Birthday. She was still upset, and her ice cream ended up melting. :(

This was at the restaurant before she got upset. They are having a daddy and daughter moment!

Ariana running around the yard during the snow! You can't see it, but it's there!

This is when the snow first started , around 8:30 am. It was a lot at once! The picture doesn't show it as well!

Here she is when she first went outside. Doesn't she even look cold! You can see the snow sticking to the deck. That's all it did though.

Ariana's birthday was this past Wednesday, October 29th. It was such a special day and little, as well as big things, made it that way. First of all, the day started out with her waking up to snow. There was a light snow shower around the area, and it seemed to start right after she woke up. So after her brother and sister were off at school, Ariana put her coat on and went outside! She was catching flakes in her mouth, and it looked like the wind was about to blow her away!

Later on , Rob and I took her to a family restuarant around here that's very popular. She was specifically asking to go to Eat n Park. It's like a Denny's but better. Any way, we ate some lunch and then the waitress brought Ariana her free cookie they get after a meal. She ate that up. Then, a group of waitresses came around to our table and sang her Happy Birthday and then gave her a cup of ice cream with a huge candle stuck in it. Instead of being thrilled over this, she curled up in her daddy's chest and started to cry! They left her alone, and our waitress felt so bad! So they all left, and about a minute after that, Ariana threw up in Rob's hand. I took her to the restroom and she had a little more to get out, and then she was fine. We think that with a full belly and her getting worked up just upset her stomach. She was fine after that, and our waitress brought her a box of cookies and 2 quarters to help her feel better. They were so nice and so hospitable. I think I'm going to send her a card for all of her help.
So after the restaurant, we took her to the mall to play in the play area they have there. It is a perfect place to take kids when the weather outside is not so great. She had a ball with that.

We also had a surprise visitor come in that day. My friend Deidre from Florida flew in to visit for a couple of days. Ariana loved that, and the attention!
So here are a few pics from "her" day. Enjoy!

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tandjscarlovnmom said...

When were you at the Robinson mall? I can't believe she is four, looks like she had a great B-day except for the icecream at the restaurant. I was thinking of getting Tyler a Leapster for Christmas, does Gabriel and Ella already have one. I'm so proud of you for making a homemade cake. It turned out great, did the kids help make it? We made sugar cookies for Halloween, it was fun, except for the cleanup.