Thursday, October 29, 2009

Visit to Bandy's Pumpkin Patch

So we had our yearly visit to a pumpkin patch this year. It was our first time going to one here in Illinois! We went to a place called Bandy's Pumpkin Patch. It was a blast for the kids. They have the works; A playbarn with a big slide, tubs of corn to play in, and bouncy house. They also have a corn maze , hayride, and snack stand filled with delicious food and drink. We also went with their cousins Brittany and Landon, Uncle Brian and Aunt Sheila, and Maw Maw. We look forward to doing this every year and making it a new tradition! Enjoy the pictures!

The picture above is Ella with her cousin Brittany and Maw Maw peeking through!

Here are all four kids playing in the corn. Landon on the left, Ariana on her belly in the black jacket, Ella , And Gabriel on the right.

Gabriel's turn for the slide!

Ariana in the corn.

Ariana's turn on the slide. They had a blast!

A duplicate!

I just had to take a picture of the pumpkins that seemed to go on forever. They just kept going, and going, and going, and going....

One last phot- op on our way out of the pumpkin patch. One thing we didn't do-get a picture of Rob and I with the kids. That's a tradition and we forgot to do it! Oh well, next time!

The kids showing off their pumpkins. They each got to pick one for their Mr. and Mrs. Potato head pumpkin kits. I will post pics of that too. :)

Inside the hayride and all the corn we were surrounded by. The kids kept trying to reach out and grab an ear or two! I quess they were hungry!

Here is the crew: Rob, myself, Ella (drinking hot cocoa), Ariana (behind me), Gabriel, Aunt Sheila, Uncle Brian and Landon. Their Paw Paw was working and Maw Maw was the one taking the picture.

Ella on the amazing slide they had. They loved that thing!

Me with Ella and Ariana. Rob had a hard time getting this cause he was sitting close to me. If only Ariana would've looked at the camera...Could you tell it was a little bright?

This a picture of Gabriel's badge he won doing the corn shooter. It was pretty neat. You stick an ear of corn in this shooter, aim and fire. He hit the target on the first try , and that target was pretty far. He was so proud.

Here is the proud little man!

Inside the playbarn they had huge tubs filled with corn for kids to play in (adults optional). Here is a picture of Ella in one of them. She doesn't look thrilled, but she was having a great time in the corn. They kept burying themselves in it.

Here is Ariana in one.

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Dawn said...

Great pics! I felt like I was there with you all. Love it!!! I want to play in all that corn, and how cool that Gabriel got that pin. Way to go!